Sun Protection

Heliocare Cream and Gel – Advanced Anti-ageing skin care

For five years I have been providing up to 30 different skin care products to my clients.

The reaction to this Heliocare product has been surprising and has quickly become one of my most sought after skin care products.

The feedback I get from using established sun creams with factor protection of 30 or 50 was not positive

I think this is why

There is a Zinc residue the ‘white look’

It is heavy, like having an extra layer of skin

Can take an age to apply and to be absorbed by the skin

You have to wait several minutes before applying any makeup

It takes no account of your skin type

When the same clients use Heliocare the reaction is very different

Quick and easy to apply

Product is suited to your skin type

Very quickly absorbed into skin

It is ‘light’

There is no residue

You can simultaneously apply make-up

If you are interested in purchasing the Heliocare range I have stock available.

Please complete your details and I’ll get back to you

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