Skin Synergy – You’re Fired!

High Street – You’ re Fired…

Skin Synergie – You’re Hired!


I am sorry to announce that I had to fire one of my celebrity clients today, The Apprentice’s Stella English (who shall remain nameless).


Q. “Why?” you ask

A. “Because she was not using the proper skin care products for her skin.”



“If we were to take the media at face value, then well known ‘over the counter’ beauty creams appear to be the only option we have for our day- to- day skin care. What you have to remember is that these skin care advertisements are mainly pitched to the under thirties and are simply not going to be that beneficial for your skin. It is a fact that younger skin (Cheryl Cole) can cope without medical grade solutions.  To put it bluntly, over the counter solutions tend to be targeted at those whose skin is going to be ‘ok’  regardless of which cream they use.”




In contrast, I would like to introduce you to one of my other clients, Stella English, who, by the way, knows her skin very well. After an in depth consultation & diagnostic last month,  she was very eager to start the Skin Synergy regime. Since then she has noticed a vast improvement in the appearance and feel of her skin.

Please have a read of the following blurb as I would like you to receive the same skin nourishing benefits as Sophie & Stella (who I didn’t really fire and is now using the Skin Synergy System).

Photo ‘Happy Skin’


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4 Skin Synergy Facts


1. They are Medigrade and are a specifically prescribed regime.

2. The treatments are research based and are continually updated.

3. The treatments are flexible and tailored to your specific skin needs.

4. They work.

What is Skin Synergy?

Skin Synergy is a process that combines three key elements:

1. Your individual skin requirements and product selection

2. Medigrade products

3. The expertise of your skin care practitioner



Skin Synergie is comprised of 3 main products, Heliocare, Retriderm & Prescribed Solutions


How Long does the treatment last?

Depending on your skin, treatment cycles are between 1 and 3 months.

How much does the treatment cost?

It’s complicated as there are many variables.  However we know that this Total Skin Care System costs on average, the equivalent of about one cup of Costa Coffee per day!


I want you for a consultation today please!


During our consultation we can discuss your skin's history in order to diagnose any problems. I will then ‘prescribe’ the correct aestheticare products which are customised for maximum effect. Following that, we launch into the ‘Prepare Protect and Repair’ mode. In layman’s terms you will be working with your skin and me.

As things change, I will adapt your primary products and boosters so that your regime stays specific to you and your skins needs.

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Clinics in Brighton, Hove, Lewes & Rustington.

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