An interview with apprentice winner Stella English

Stella English is well known to us as the winner of the Apprentice in 2009.  Recently the Daily Mail has been praising Stella for her new look.

“Wearing hardly any make-up, her flawless complexion oozed radiance, as she wore just a touch of pink lipstick, pink cheek blush and a touch of mascara.”

The Mail has not always been so complimentary about Stella.  Her skin has always been a target for the newspaper.  Stella has had skin problems since the age of eleven.  She says, “My skin had a tired, poor texture and it would lose elasticity.  It would flare up and become red, sore and itchy.  I would go to bed at night and not know what my skin would look like when I woke up.”

Stella’s skin problems were not limited to her appearance.

“I continually had low self esteem.  Even when I had make-up on it was bad.  This made me very self-conscious.”

When Stella attempted to change her skin, it became a real battle.

“I would throw everything at it – creams and the rest of it.  I spent thousands of pounds.  Unfortunately I was allergic to a lot of the brands.”

Stella’s skin problems showed no sign of abating however much money she spent.  She was beginning to think that she would  never win the battle with her skin’s appearance. Then something happened that would have a dramatic impact on Stella’s life.

“I came across Becky Hollands at a Beauty event.” says Stella.

“I was at the point where I thought nothing would change and nobody could help me.  I started talking to Becky and I felt that there was something different in what she was saying.  Becky suggested I use a skin plan.  She said that I needed to use certain things together and at particular times.  I made an appointment with Becky that week and started to put the plan into action.”

So Stella began to put her plan from Becky Hollands into action. The results where immediate and dramatic.

“My skin started to improve within a day. Within two weeks it was completely different. It started to look different and friends were telling me exactly the same thing.”

The first thing that Stella noticed about her skin under the new regime was that it stopped itching.   Then her pores began to shrink.  After just two weeks Stella’s skin had turned around.  The physical change had a knock-on effect on her mental state. This was probably the most significant impact Becky’s skin plan had made.

Stella says, “My self-consciousness has gone.  I no longer go to bed thinking I hope my skin will be okay. I now don’t have to worry about my skin. Not having negative thoughts about my appearance is incredibly liberating.”

Stella has now been using Becky’s skin plan for four months and has recommended Becky to several acquaintances.  Stella’s rational behind her endorsement of Becky Hollands is simple.

“Becky understands skin better. I wish I had met Becky a long time ago because I would have saved a lot of time, money and heartache.”

To find about more about the Stella skin plan and what it can do for you, please contact Becky now on 07979 800 824

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