Becky Hollands in ‘Reveal’

Really enjoyed being in this piece in Katie Piper’s column in June, here it is in case you missed it.

City Hopper

I visited Brighton last week to attend a fundraising event for the Katie Piper Foundation organised by my friend and nurse Becky Hollands> I met Becky at a medical conference earlier this year and she has now decided to support the KPF through her business.  A member Becky’s family has also been affected by burns, so it is close to her heart.  The event was a great success and afterwards we all went for dinner at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant.  The next day I had to travel to Birmingham to see my dentist.  I managed to tie it in with a visit to see my sister Suzy, who lives there.  I miss her so much, so it was great to catch up!

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