New Restylane for Lips

“Lips have always attracted attention. As the most prominent and sensuous feature of the face, they create impact at first glance. Our ideals of what the perfect lips look like have, as with most trends and ideals, changed over time.”

Skin care company Galderma are aiming to take Lip enhancement to a completely new level with the release of two new products. Restylane Lip Volume for volume enhancement and Restylane Lip refresh for revitalisation and restored hydrobalance.

Having worked with lips for the last 5 years I have seen considerable improvements in the way this technology works and the method by which it is delivered. What has not changed is most people’s attitude to the lip enhancement process. Some clients avoid any kind of lip treatment because they think it is ‘all or nothing’. The image of Lesley Ash and Pete Burns still haunts the Public imagination. What they do not realise is that Lip enhancement has come a very long way in a short time.

The way I describe the new approach to clients is that you can now have six different treatments to your lips that enhance the way they look. Each of these six treatments can be completed using a number of different techniques.

We call these approaches ‘indications’ – and they include:

Emphasised Lip definition and restored hydrobalance

Enhanced lip volume

Lip line / vermilion border

Philtrum and Cupid’s bow

Corners of the mouth (oral commissures)

Perioral lines (smokers lines)

It is this new approach to lips that I combine with a free consultation. It allows me to tailor the techniques to meet your needs. I like to think that I combine this tailored approach with years of experience as a qualified nurse and highly trained aesthetic practitioner.

If I could sum up in one word the new lip enhancement treatments and my approach to them, it would be ‘discretion’. My clients tell me that there are two sets of people who affect their decision when it comes to lip enhancement. They are husbands/partners and friends. The opinions or observations of these two groups have a decisive impact on the decision whether to go ahead with lip enhancement.

It is for this reason that the client wants control over their treatment. They want the option of subtle change or a more visible end result. With discretion, expertise and and a tailored approach, this is now possible.

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