Face Ball

As a guest of Galderma’s Sales Manager, Jemma Cook, the event took place under a dazzling array of historical aircrafts in the Flight Gallery and the evening’s festivities were bolstered by the knowledge that it was for a good cause – the event raised over £20,000 towards its chosen charity Help for Heroes, set up to help victims of war.

The 1930’s/1940s theme saw period outfits on display alongside modern dresses and a lively and atmospheric swing band playing the night away – skilfully striking a balance between the old and new with a musical ensemble ranging from the vocal harmonies of the Andrews sisters to Ricky Martin and Beyonce. Dinner was an event in itself with the theatrics of the waiting staff and the ingenious gimmick of a Morse code machine on every table (which were connected to a flashing light on a different table so you could playfully interrupt your colleagues’ dinner with a spate of Morse code bulb flashes). The evening called for attendees to “wine, dine and dance the night away”… and well… that’s exactly what we did

With a great weekend of socialising, networking, enjoying delicious food, fine wine and irritatingly memorable swing band music being whistled you could almost forgive delegates for forgetting they were at the conference working… until the following morning that is….!



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